Performing and Presenting Opportunities

Unique opportunities for presentations and performances are available each year at NCPP. Please be sure to read below regarding opportunities for this year’s conference. 


Performance Opportunities

NCPP is proud to offer performance opportunities for both students and professionals. This provides a great venue for solo or small chamber groups to showcase works they have prepared over the year. The guidelines for all performances are listed below, along with application details for each category.

- Unaccompanied solos and small chamber ensembles MUST BE 10 minutes, or less, in duration.
- Confirmation/Acceptance will be emailed within 1 week, after materials are received.
- All performers must register for NCPP within 2 weeks of acceptance to perform.
- Applications received after the deadline, or once the recital is full, will be placed on a waiting list.
- Only large instruments will be provided.

Please submit the following materials, via e-mail, to Lisa Rogers
and Josh Knight no later than Monday, April 1st, 2019 for full consideration, as the 60 minute recital will be filled on a first come/first serve basis. Click here for the student performance flier, and here for the professional flier.

Student Performance (Full)

The 2019 student concert has been filled.

1. Name
2. School/Affiliation
3. Composition Title/Duration
4. Composer(s)
5. Publisher
6. Undergraduate/Graduate Status
7. Letter of Recommendation; letter should include confirmation of full-time status.

Professional Performance (Full)

The 2019 professionals concert has been filled.

 1. Name
2. School/Affiliation
3. Composition Title/Duration
4. Composer(s)
5. Publisher


Presentation Opportunities

2019 National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy

Call for Participation

For a PDF of the following information please click here.

The National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy will take place at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas on May 19-21, 2019. The purpose of the conference is to explore the status of percussion pedagogy in the United States as well as to outline strategies for improving the teaching and learning of percussion instruments. The conference will provide a forum to increase awareness of “what is happening,” guide us toward identifying “what should happen,” and provide the means for “making it happen.” 

 The Board of Advisors invites you to submit a proposal for participation in one of two formats:

 HOW-TO PEDAGOGY SESSION:  This session will feature individual presentations addressing a pedagogy topic. Each presenter will begin with an overview of the topic, no longer than 12 minutes, for all attendees. Then, each presenter will move to an assigned a room to allow further discussion and ‘hands-on” demonstrations with attendees. Attendees will have time to move between rooms to learn more about topics of interest. You should plan to provide attendees with a handout covering your topic.

 RESEARCH SESSION:  This session will provide an opportunity to share completed research or research in progress that informs our understanding of a range of topics related to percussion pedagogy. This is a great opportunity to share and get feedback on your research. The session will be organized around brief presentations of your research then interaction with conference participants. You should plan to provide attendees with a short handout that summarizes your study. 

 The last day for submissions is THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019. Submissions should be submitted to Joe Shively at <> and Lisa Rogers at The subject line should indicate NCPP How-To Proposal or NCPP Research Session Proposal. Include your contact information in the body of the email and attach the proposal as a pdf that includes the title, session format, and session description/abstract (but does not include your name). You will receive notification of your proposal’s status by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2019