Since the mid 1970s, the scope of percussion in schools, in performance venues, and society in general, transformed into an unprecedented musical phenomenon.  Instruments with enhanced capabilities, an explosion of new literature, new performance techniques, emerging new artists, significant increases in full time faculty positions in percussion, and broadening of performance venues are evidence of the transformation.  These events exist in tandem, resulting in a need for information to assist in guiding schools when making decisions about the role of percussion in individual programs.  The percussion program in higher education is an independent musical entity with quality instruments, literature, and teachers to support its position.  In an effort to assist administrators, educators, and learners in acquiring up-to-date inventories and facilities, the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy established the National Standards for Percussion Equipment and Facilities.

The National Standards for Percussion Equipment and Facilities serve as the primary source for upgrading programs, assisting with new building design, determining the scope of individual programs, and fulfilling an institution’s educational mission.  The Standards serve as minimum guidelines.  Exceptional programs will exceed established standards.

The intent of the Marimba Performance Standards (MPS) document is to guide learners, with the aid of an accomplished professional teacher, through a series of compositions, etudes, and exercises for marimba that will increase the probability of graduating from high school with lifetime skills to participate in music as an adult.  This document is written to offer advice and guidance to teachers working with percussionists in school settings, private studios, and community-based programs.

The Journal of Percussion Pedagogy

The Journal of Percussion Pedagogy (JPP) provides a forum where contemporary research, new ideas, and up-to-date information are accessible to individuals with interest in teaching percussion. The JPP is an open access, online, peer-reviewed publication supported by a distinguished board of researchers and pedagogues.

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