Sight Reading Simplified: A New Solution for an Age-Old Challenge (Barudin)
The Vision Thing: Reading Chords on Keyboard Instruments (Cameron)
Finger Drumming Techniques through MIDI Controllers (Eldridge)
Increasing Active Engagement in Drumset Studies at the College Level Using Modern Resources and Technology (Meyer and Morgan)
Steve Houghton: Percussion Artist, Pedagogue, and Leader (Pendell)
A Demonstration of an Orchestral Percussion Excerpt Retrieval System (Puzzo)
The Percussion Literature Class: A Survey of Common Practices (Richardson)
Reconnecting the Music-Making Experience Through Musician Efforts in Instrument Craft (Smith)
Marching Percussion and the College Percussionist: Bringing the Marching Program into the Percussion Program as an Aspect of the Overall Curriculum (Wiggins)
Quick Fixes on Tour (Wilkinson)

Breakout Sessions
Graduate and Undergraduate Students


Inventory, Repair & Maintenance Part 1 (Eyler)
Inventory, Repair & Maintenance Part 2 Appendices (Eyler)
Percussion Inventory Organization & Planning (Wilkinson)
Adapting and Arranging for Keyboard Percussion Instruments (King)
Timpani Away from the Timpani (Wiggins)

Lightning Talks
Start-Stop & Look (Frans)
Available Smart Phone Technology for Enhanced Practice and Performance (Molina)
Random vs. Blocked Practice (Ramirez)

Breakout Sessions
Large University Percussion Programs
Large University Percussion Programs (Appendix)
Small University Percussion Programs
Graduate and Undergraduate Percussion Students