NCPP 2018

May 20-22, 2018
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR


Chal Ragsdale, host

As a leader in your field, you bring a valuable perspective to the process of teaching percussion. We're looking forward to seeing you in May. Let's make this NCPP a stimulating experience for everyone.

At the NCPP, everyone is a clinician and an equal participant in discussions.

The National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy (NCPP) is designed to provide a forum for elementary & secondary music educators, university percussion pedagogues, professional percussionists, university music education specialists, and undergraduate & graduate students to explore the status of percussion pedagogy in the United States as well as to outline strategies for improving the teaching and learning of percussion instruments. The conference will provide a forum to increase awareness of "what is happening," to guide us toward identifying "what should happen," and to provide means for "making it happen."

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Below is the schedule for this year's conference. If you would like to download a PDF of the schedule click here

National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy


May 20-22, 2018

Hosted By

Chalon Ragsdale

The University of Arkansas Department of Music

Sunday, May 20

12:00-1:30 pm            Board of Advisors Meeting                                                                   Band Library

1:30-2:00 pm              Registration                                                                                        Band Lobby

2:00-2:20 pm              Welcome and Introductions                                                               EPLEY Rm. 128

NCPP Co-Directors Lance Drege, Lisa Rogers, and NCPP Host Chal Ragsdale                     


2:20-3:40 pm              “How to” Mini-Pedagogy Sessions                                                       EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    Introducer & Facilitator Joe Shively

Jeff Barudin-“Sight Reading Simplified: A New Solution for an Age-Old Challenge”

William Shaltis-“’Sick Video, Dude!’ Creating Viral Content with Minimal Experience”

Tracy Wiggins-“Marching Percussion and the College Percussionist: Bringing the Marching Program into the Percussion Program as an Aspect of the Overall Curriculum”

 Bill Wilkinson-“Quick Fixes on Tour”

 3:40-4:00 pm              Break - Coffee/Refreshments                                                             Band Lobby

4:00-4:30 pm              Case Study: Fayetteville High School Percussion Program                EPLEY Rm. 128

Presenter Matt Brusca and Fayetteville High School

Percussion Program                                                                                      

4:30-5:30 pm              Setting the Stage:                                                                                EPLEY Rm. 128

National Standards for Percussion Equipment & Facilities - High & Middle School

Introducer & Facilitator Lance Drege

Presenters Randy Fluman and Zach Morita

5:30-7:00 pm             Dinner - On Your Own

7:00-8:30 pm              Concert Performance                                                         Faulkner Performing Arts Center

Fayetteville High School Percussion Ensemble, Matt Brusca, Director

Introducer Chalon Ragsdale  


     - Program TBA -

Reception following concert in FPAC Lobby

Sponsored by the University of Arkansas Department of Music

& presented by Tau Beta Sigma

 Monday, May 21

8:00-8:30 am                Coffee/Refreshments                                                                         Band Lobby

                                    Focus Group Opportunity                                                                 EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    “Biomechanics of Percussion Playing &

                                    Relationship to Pedagogy”

                                    Laura Franklin and Bill Siler


8:30-9:50 am              “How to” Mini-Pedagogy Sessions                                                       EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    Introducer & Facilitator Joe Shively


Scott Cameron-“Vertical Reading on Keyboard Instruments”

 Andrew Eldridge-“Finger Drumming Techniques through MIDI Controllers”

 Brad Meyer and Tom Morgan-“Increasing active engagement in drumset studies at the college level using modern resources and technology”

 Oliver Molina-“How to Stay in the Game: Percussion Injury Prevention and Treatment

 9:50-10:00 am            Break - Coffee/Refreshments                                                             Band Lobby

10:00-10:15 am          Words of Wisdom: Reflections from Neil Larrivee                            EPLEY Rm. 128

10:15-11:30 am           Performance Anxiety Workshop                                                         EPLEY Rm. 128

Introducer Laura Franklin, Presenter Katherine Jolly

11:30 am                     Lunch - On your Own

1:00-2:15 pm              Drumset: Creativity, Inclusion, and the Artistic Process                    EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    Introducer Cort McClaren, Presenter Bill Molenhof,

                                    Assisted by David Eyler, Lisa Rogers, and Brad Meyer

2:20-3:40 pm              Student Recital Performance                                                Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall

                                    Introducer Josh Knight

October Night                                                                                                                  Michael Burritt

                                                                                                                                              Ludwig Music

Caleb Martin, Wayland Baptist University, UG

Sonate Pathetique, Op. 13                                                                                           Ludwig van Beethoven/

Movement 1                                                                                                      arr. for Solo Tenor Pan by Shelly Irvine & Ron Kerns


Josh Frans, Texas Tech University, DMA

Beads of Glass                                                                                                                  Gordon Stout

                                                                                                                                                Keyboard Percussion


Taylor Burks, Delta State University, UG

 Stillness for Alto Flute and Marimba                                                                       Robert Paterson

                                                                                                                                                Bill Holab Music

                                                Carly Barnes, Univ. of Cincinnati, MM

Micheal Barnes, Univ. of Cincinnati, MM

Pulsar for Snare Drum and Audio                                                                             Francisco Perez


Austen White, Stephen F. Austin State University, UG



How To Be A Deep Thinker In Los Angeles                                                            Jennifer Jolley


                                                                                                                                                (ADJ-ective New Music)           Ethan Stafford, John Brown University, UG

Sculpture in Wood                                                                                                         Rudiger Pawassar

                                                                                                                                                Norsk Percussion

Andrew Boyd, Fabian Correa, Nestor Marcado-Garcia, & Adam Trupp

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, UG

Karakurenai                                                                                                                      Andy Akiho


(AKI Rhythm Press)

Jessica Williams, University of Memphis, UG

Northern Lights                                                                                                                Eric Ewazen

Keyboard Percussion Publications

John Tadlock, Jacobs School of Music-Indiana University, MM

Moon Chasers                                                                                                                   Mark Ford

                                                                                                                                               Innovative Percussion

Michael Sears, Northwest Missouri State University, UG

3:45-3:55 pm              “Short Break” - Coffee/Refreshments                                                Band Lobby

3:55-4:45 pm              Research Presentations                     

 Alex Smith-“Reconnecting the music-making experience                  EPLEY Rm. 128

through musician efforts in instrument craft” (Introducer & Facilitator Laura Franklin)

 James Pendell-“Steve Houghton: Percussion Artist, Pedagogue,       EPLEY Rm. 123

                                    and Leader” (Introducer & Facilitator Lisa Rogers)

 Jeremy Isley-“Carlos Chavez and the Influence of Toccata                 Band Library

                                    for Percussion” (Introducer & Facilitator Josh Armstrong)

4:45-5:30 pm              Breakout Sessions                                                                                                      

(A) Open Discussion for Students                                                       EPLEY Rm. 128

Facilitators: James Pendell-DMA Texas Tech, Kelby Taylor-MM University of Arkansas                                   

                                    (B) Open Discussion for Big Programs                                                EPLEY Rm. 123

                                    Facilitators: Brad Meyer and Andrew Eldridge

(C) Open Discussion for Small Programs                                            Band Library

Facilitators: Tommy Dobbs and Renee Keller                                               

 5:30-7:00 pm              Dinner - On Your Own

(Board Dinner and Meeting-TBA)

7:00-8:30 pm              Professionals Concert                                                          Faulkner Performing Arts Center

                                    Introducer Dave Gerhart

Burn                                                                                                                                     Nathan Daughtrey

                                                                                                                                                C. Alan Publications

Keith Talley, Missouri Southern State University

Chase Neely, Missouri Southern State University

Stop Speaking                                                                                                                   Andy Akiho


(AKI Rhythm Press)

Brad Meyer, Stephen F. Austin State University

The Spirit and the Dust                                                                                                  Dinuk Wijernate


                                                I. “Death is a dialogue between the spirit and the dust” (Dickinson)

                                               II. “Under this vast universe pain’s mill-wheel rotates” (Tagore)

IV. “But this chain, though made of a breath, is hard to break.” (Gibran)

Charles Lovell, University of Colorado, DMA Candidate

The Baby and The Mermaid                                                                                        Renee Keller


Shhhh . . . Don’t Wake the Baby                                                                                Sarah Waters


Duoma Percussion Duo

Renee Keller, Ohio State University at Lima

Sarah Waters, Ohio Northern University

Amalgamation                                                                                                                Luis Rivera


Ben Tomlinson, Stephen F. Austin State University


Pathways                                                                                                                            Jenna Wright


Timothy A. Feerst, North Central Texas College

 Double Helix                                                                                                                     Owen Clayton Condon


Omojo Percussion Duo

Oliver Molina, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Joe W. Moore III, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

Digga-digga Digga-digga Digga-digga Digga-digga Deegot                              David Jarvis        

                                                                                                                                                HoneyRock Publishing

Kae Reed, Arkansas Tech University

                                                William Shaltis, University of Memphis

 Auroras                                                                                                                               Chad Heiny


Joe W. Moore III, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

Ad Astra                                                                                                                              Von Hansen

                                                                                                                                                C. Alan Publications

Great Plains Percussion Group

Tommy Dobbs, University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith

Von Hansen, Friends University

Jamie Whitmarsh, University of Oklahoma

McKeever Arnold, Freelance percussionist

Jeremy Parr, Freelance percussionist

Ryan Robinson, Yukon HS Percussion staff

After concert NCPP participants “Get Together” Reception sponsored by

Neil Larrivee on behalf of Vic Firth and Zildjian Co. and

Dave Gerhart on behalf of Yamaha Corporation of America

Location – El Patio Mexican Restaurant

Tuesday, May 22

8:00-8:40 am              Coffee/Refreshments                                                                         Band Lobby

                                    Focus Group Opportunity                                                                 EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    “Biomechanics of Percussion Playing &

                                    Relationship to Pedagogy”

                                    Laura Franklin & Bill Siler

8:40 am                       Announcements, Feedback/Surveys, Looking Ahead 2019               EPLEY Rm. 128

                                    NCPP Co-Director Lisa Rogers

8:50-9:40 am              Research Presentations                                             

 Richard Puzzo-“A Demonstration of an Orchestral Percussion          EPLEY Rm. 128

Excerpt Retrieval System” (Introducer & Facilitator Cort McClaren)

 Justin Alexander-“Shifting Paradigms: World percussion and the     EPLEY Rm. 123

                                    new studio model” (Introducer & Facilitator Lisa Rogers)

 Andrew Richardson-“The Percussion Literature Class:                       Band Library

A Survey of Common Practices” (Introducer & Facilitator Josh Armstrong)

9:40-10:00 am            Break – Coffee/Refreshments                                                            Band Lobby

10:00-10:50 am          New Literature for Chamber                                             Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall

Percussion Ensemble 

                                    Introducer Josh Knight, Presenters Jamie Whitmarsh &

                                    Great Plains Percussion Group

11:00-11:40 am           Follow-up:                                                                                           EPLEY Rm. 128

National Standards for Percussion Equipment & Facilities - High & Middle School

Facilitator Randy Fluman


11:40 am-1:00 pm      Lunch, Feedback/Survey Collection                                                   EPLEY Rm. 128

NCPP Board